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4 Player Chess


4 Player Chess gives a twist to one of the most classic games, and takes it to a whole other level by doubling the players on the a board. 4 Player Chess allows you to play choose from 2 different layouts and play against any number of computers or friends in a 4 player chess game.Choose between a "free for all" game where everyone competes against each other or playing in teams (2v2 or 3v1). 5 different difficulty levels are available and harder ones are to come. Load and save games in order to easily come back to a game.
Interactive play lets you personalize the gaming experience such as see the possible moves for a piece, keep track of the last moves of each player's latest move, choose the response time, choose between 2 backgrounds, choose to keep or to remove a player's pieces when he dies, and more.
And it is always possible to play a classic 2 player game.
More updates planned and will include harder difficulties, online play, and much more.
I'm always open to hearing suggestions from the community so feel free to contact me and give me your input or suggestions!